Friday, September 5, 2014

Back in Business

Hello lovelies,

These past two days I have been trying to organize myself and preparing for the new semester. I have to speed up my work and get results. I have to really concentrate on getting my degree now. Getting degree is the most important thing to me, yet keeping sane is also a priority. 

I just got the word that I have been rejected from another audition and we'll it was to be expected really. I was really timid and was it's looking for the high. I do how ever like the high of going to these auditions. Maybe, just maybe I would get better at it someday. Like I said in my last post, someday I do wish to be on stage (or in front of the lens). Anything would do. I just like the attention. Well not that I don't get enough of them, but I just like them.

Yesterday a friend asked me if I was given a chance to join any cast of a tv show for a couple of episodes up to a season which would I choose and why? I thought of it a lot. In fact I was really indecisive really. 

I do have a few series and dramas (as they are called here in Japan) and most of them are interesting in my opinion. I mean seriously, there are so many to choose from and most of them are good at the worst. 

Well I finally came down to two very different series. Once Upon a Time and Criminal Minds. Yes I rave about these two shows a lot in my other social network and no it has not connection to Colin O'Donoghue or Matthew Gray Gubler. Well I did get into the series because of them but not purely, we'll Captain Hook started in mid season 2 if I am not mistaken and Dr. Spencer Reid is hella annoying in my opinion, though he is an interesting character. 

But I like to be in this two series is because of two very different reasons. 

Once upon a time is more of a fantasy meet reality series and a family drama. Not only I would be able to wear the classical/fairytale clothes and the normal clothes (which I must say the designer have awesome taste and great eye for what would flatter each figure the most) but I would also be able to challenge myself to act in two very different character.

As for Criminal Minds, we'll the dynamic of the show and of the cast really show on screen. Each of the cast really embodies the character and made it really realistic. Okay I would have to admit that there are crappy part of this series especially the scientific discovery and certain unlawful physics that were shown, but he'll it is an act. But Criminal Minds has a great assemble and I would love to just join them even for one hour just for an interview or something. Especially Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna and Matthew of course, but if they can throw Moore and Vangsness in my way I would love to even just meet them. I mean Vangsness is an idol. She is super comfortable in her own skin and that is very rare. I would love to learn from her of how can I just be happy in my own skin no matter how I look like and no matter what other people think of you. 

Besides Matthew, I would love to ask these people about how do they cope with rejection over and over again. Audition after audition, years after years of trying. I just think it would be interesting to hear what and how do they get to where they are today. Not the commercialized story version of it, the real version of it. 

Anyways, I guess I have to go back to my little babies and work on getting in line back again. 


P/s: I have no idea the point of the picture below, it's just something I look at every single day.

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